11th, 12 Boards With JEE MAINS At Newton Science PVT Tutorial
11th ,12th Boads + JEE MAINS Classes In Charniroad

11th ,12th Boards + JEE MAINS

  • Teach according to NEET Exam point of view,
  • Teaching according to NCERT syllabus &
  • Maximum MCQs will be discussed
  • Additional board lectures will be provided to students

11th 12th Boards And JEE/MHT-CET For Engineering Aspirants

JEE is a difficult entrance exam students appear to get the most sought-after engineering colleges i.e. IIT. The competition is tough and everyone is trying their best to reach the place they desire. Students dedicate their day and night as they aspire to get the most reputed colleges because their future of becoming an asset as an engineer is in the hands of these colleges. For an extremely successful career as an engineer, cracking JEE with flying colours is a must. This is what we as a Top Coaching Institute for IIT JEE target for our students.

Our students are our only priority, we want the best for them and best comes with extensive practice and hard work. A will to prepare rigorously is what we train students when they come to us. JEE aims to find the most efficient students who can become great engineers in the future. JEE tests the capabilities of students all over the nation. We as responsible science private tutorials make sure that you stay strong with the will to achieve success.

The students who want to appear for JEE should be 10+2 pass out with a good score in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. We believe that students should start preparing for their competitive entrance exam right when they are beginning with their 11th Grade. This is how the destination will look manageable and achievable. We as the Best Coaching Institute For IIT JEE Preparation believe in giving students the training which they require to crack JEE successfully. Starting with the best study material to giving problem-solving techniques we are there at each and every step for students.

Every student has dreams but to pursue them is a different kind of motivation and dedication game. We are one of those NEET Coaching Centres who love to give fire to that motivation and dedication. Our expert team of teachers and academicians make sure that they put across each and every concept clearly in the minds of students. Rigorous test series and practice papers, mock exams help in analyzing where an individual student stands in preparation.

We also keep doubt and difficulty sessions for the students who want to clear their doubts after a particular test series or mock exams. If students want a repeat session to clear their concepts for a particular topic then we make sure to give them that too.

JEE is definitely not a cakewalk and many students face stress and time management issues, but as a student when you associate with us, we as one of the dedicated Science Classes make sure to take care of these aspects by arranging for stress relieving sessions. We also teach time management so that you can cover the syllabus on time and also practice well for the main exam day.

We also look entirely into preparing students for MHT-CET along with JEE or only MHT-CET. Our recommendation is always to go for both the exams as you can be prepared for both the entrance exams and you never know what turns out to be the best for you.

Our combined batch for 11th 12th + JEE/MHT-CET

  • 11th 12th Boards Syllabus Coverage
  • Extensive 2-year preparation for JEE/MHT-CET
  • Completion of the syllabus and additional study material
  • Practice MCQs (Previous papers 5-10 years)

Ranker Batch

  • A special repeaters batch for students who want to reappear JEE/MHT-CET
  • Duration of this batch is 1 year
  • Maximum MCQs for practice
  • Score high with better results

KOTA Pattern

  • Kota pattern comes as an addition to the 11th 12th+ JEE/MHT-CET course
  • Extra study hours
  • Extra MCQs to practice
  • Focus is on getting maximum marks

Features that come along with our teaching

  • Limited batch size
  • Enhanced learning experience
  • Mock tests and subject wise papers
  • Comprehensive study material
  • All exam related updates
  • Doubt and difficulty sessions
  • Stress relieving and time management sessions

To get extensive coaching for your study preparation contact us and if you have any queries, we are here to solve them!

Duration : 2 Years